Security Camera Power Distribution Box 12V DC

These Security Camera Power Boxes come in 12 Volt DC and are highly
recommended for the home or professional installers.
Able to be purchased in a 12 Volt 5amp (5000mA) or 10amp (10,000mA)
which allows the user to power up to 9 devices or double that number and obtain
our larger 18 port 10amp or 20amp model for larger applications.
The 9 port 5 amp and 18port 10Amp both output 500mA (0.5amp) per port or camera,
this is sufficient to power any security camera without infrared.
If you have cameras with infrared LEDs,then we suggest you get the high powered boxes
like the 9port 10amp or 18port 20amp since they each output a little over 1amp per port
and this is plenty to power infrared cameras from up to 300ft away.



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